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    Can someone look at my navigation code?

      Hi - I'm an intermediate flash user.
      I have a basic main timeline navigation created for a website. I'm experiencing gliches. I've scripted a stop(); command in each action keyframe where my header navigation buttons are scripted to go. (knowing that this will prevent skipping through my timeline in general)

      Each button has been scripted to a numbered keyframe or labeled keyframe. When I 'test movie" all my navigation works perfectly, however once I publish it and serve it up to my ftp and the site is online, specifically my "contact" on the first page, will skip through keyframes, rather than going to the keyframe it's scripted to. Feel free to look at http://www.blueroompro.com and click on my contact button as the first link you'd go to, and see the horrific issue that is struggling my days.

      Thank you if you can be of help,