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    AME forms in Livecycle Assign Task Activity

    Ashok Deivasigamani Level 1

      In Adobe Livecycle the Assign Task and Asign Multiple task activity, we can provide the asset (XFA forms) for rendering as PDF or HTML by changing the action profile. In the existing ES4, we know that if the action profile if set to render the form as HTML, we do not get the pre-fill process output binded to the rendered HTML forms. Now that AEM 6.0 has the forms feature, is it possible to prefill form fields such as drop downs and list boxes with dynamic data from a database? 

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        Ashok Deivasigamani Level 1

        No, The value for the drop downs are assigned via xpath in the process that is added to the action profile. if you see in the workspace start point, we have action profile and when editing the action profile, one can edit the render and submit process and also add a process to prefill form with datas, this prefill process can be designed in such a way that it talks to the back end system or file system to get data as xml and can be assigned to the xdp data nodes via xpath. This assignment of values works fine when the choice of rendering my XDP is PDF, but when the choice is to render the XDP as HTML this does not work well or to be frank does not work at all in my case. The form gets rendereded as HTML with out error but the data nodes are not assigned with values.

        I feel that this might be due to the reason that HTML 5 rendering in ES 4 does not support xfa.data or xfa.dataset. 


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