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    Convert Flash file to .mpg or .mov?

      Hi, I'm just learning Flash on my Macbook and have been having a great time making my first 3-minute animation (using mostly frame-by-frame redraws with a few motion tweens and alpha-fade symbols in background layers). The sound layer is a .wav file recording of a 5-verse song, and I was able to copy-frames and paste a lot for the main animation layers because many of the main actions repeated with each verse. I recruited musician friends to sing for the soundtrack and everyone was very excited for the final result. The thing is, the project is a current-events response and the idea was to post it to YouTube so that all our friends and family could see it and forward it before the election -- wait too long and it won't be that funny anymore because it won't be relevant.

      However, when I finished it all and had it playing perfectly in my .swf files, I went to export it and ran into two problems:
      1. First, Youtube requires uploads to be in either .avi, .wmp, .mpg, or .mov format. In the "Export movie..." dialogue box, Quicktime format is the only option given that would produce one of Youtube's required formats, the .mov file. But when that export was complete, I viewed the movie in the Quicktime player and found that the audio and the visual were completely out of synch. That was the first problem.
      2. Desperate, I gave up on my master final file and resigned myself to using an earlier saved version of the .fla that did produce a synchronized .mov file. But when I uploaded that to YouTube, the result was visual torture. Instead of a video, what played was a slide show -- while the sound played at normal speed, the animation was only stills: one image would fill the window and freeze, and then another would replace it a bit later, and so on, skipping the 50 to 100 frames between each frame that did appear. No singing rabbits, no grinning governors...

      I don't know if the problem is something to do with adjusting frame rates, or if it's about finding the right converter, but if anyone can help, I'd be very grateful! A friend was able to put the .swf file up on his website temporarily, so if it's helpful you may be able to see it at