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    Flash motion presets

      I've been working with Flash CS3 for a little while, and just noticed that in the newest release (CS4) they have motion presets you can use - which I think is great! However, my employer is not going to upgrade me to CS4 just for that! Does anyone know if there's a way to use presets in CS3? Is there a site or anything where you can grab some free preset animations? Has this ever been done before CS4?
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          I have not seen anything for animation presets prior to CS4. I know in CS3 they introduced the ability to copy and paste motion, which is just one step down from having a preset. I believe you can also save motion out to XML, but that is for use in Flex projects.

          As for convincing your employer to upgrade you to CS4, there are more than a few options that make a CS4 upgrade not only tantalizing, but necessary (in my opinion), and well worth the cost. For starters, the ability to work in 2.5D (that means 2D planes in 3D space). The highly customizable object-based tween model (key frame-less!!). These are just a couple of the basics, each one independently worth the upgrade, and when you bundle them together, it is an upgrade that is quite irresistible.
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            DF1nkster Level 1
            Hi rritchy,

            Yes, I know there's a lot more to CS4 than just the presets. ;) I just don't use Flash as much at work as I do other apps, and for what I do use it for, it's not worth the upgrade at the moment. Thanks for responding though...

            You know it's weird though. Years and years ago I worked some with LiveMotion (which was Adobe's initial response to Flash back before they acquired Macromedia), and LiveMotion had presets right from the get-go. It's interesting that Flash is just now seeing them in CS4.