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    CS4 - where is the desktop help?

      The CS3 normal help (not on-line) is very used for me. And very fast and so pratic!!!
      CS4 hasn't desktop help?
      Will always need access help.adobe in the Internet?
      I don't believe in it!!!!
      Where can I download he desktop help?
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          FabioIKO wrote:
          > The CS3 normal help (not on-line) is very used for me. And very fast and so
          > pratic!!!
          > CS4 hasn't desktop help?
          > Will always need access help.adobe in the Internet?
          > I don't believe in it!!!!
          > Where can I download he desktop help?
          > Thanks.

          Same here,
          have been traveling allot lately and having hard time getting to internet. No use from
          help because all the documentation is online. Find it really annoying, considering the install
          is almost 1GB, unlike previous versions, and does not really have much more to offer beside some
          really small extras. Where all the data comes from? For such small program, 1GB and not even help
          files... pure weird...

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            JulesFromAdobe Adobe Employee
            Fabio, Urami,

            Don't worry, there *are* local help files too.

            If Flash CS4 detects that you're not connected to the Internet, it should automatically revert to them. If that's not happening/you don't want to use the help that's online, you can access the local help files directly at:

            Mac OS X:
            /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Help/[lang]/Flash/

            C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Help\[lang]\Flash\

            You can see that there are three folders in here. The help page you normally see when you go to help > Flash help is in 10.0_UsingFlash\index.html


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              FabioIKO Level 1
              Thanks for your answer.
              Ok, I can see the local help but it is in html format.
              I would like to use that old and honest help in help format, is there no more?
              It is so easy and so fast to locate differently of html: outside of program and slowly.
              Have you the old and honest help?
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                BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
                The old help format is gone, and not coming back. Sorry.


                Bentley Wolfe
                Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions
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                  How can I access in CS4 the help files that third-party extensions install?
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                    Craig D. Level 1
                    This new help system is extremely disappointing. even though there are some local help files I can't seem to find anything on Actionscript 2 in them. I know that AS 2 reference is online but it so slow and only gotten slower it's become unusable. Please Adobe give us back our Help panel and the choice to use local or online help.
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                      Jay_Armstrong Level 2
                      Hi folks. We hear your pain and are working on solutions to improve the situation. In the meantime:

                      If you’re connected to the Internet, the Help menu within the product opens the product Help and Support page by default. This page is a portal to all of the Community Help content for the product. If you want to consult or search online product Help only, you can access it by clicking the product Help link in the upper-right corner of the Help and Support page. Once inside the Adobe Help for the product, be sure to select the This Help System Only option before you do your search. Otherwise, Adobe content and Community content will be returned in the search results.

                      If you’re not connected to the Internet, the Help menu within the product opens local Help, which is a subset of the content available in online product Help. Because local Help is not as complete or up-to-date as online product Help, Adobe recommends that you use the PDF version of product Help if you want to stay off-line.

                      A downloadable PDF of complete product Help is available from two places:
                      - The product’s Help and Support page (upper-right corner of the page)
                      - Local Help and web Help (top of the Help interface)

                      If you are working in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, or Dreamweaver, and you want to turn off Community Help so that local Help opens by default, do the following:
                      1. Open the Connections panel (Window > Extensions > Connections).
                      2. From the Connections panel menu , select Offline Options.
                      3. Select Keep Me Offline and click OK.
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                        albee Level 1
                        I appreciate the need for up-to-date Help files, but I have to agree with the other posts--the old Help panel was much more useful, faster and, for those of us who have developed in Flash for years, indispensable. And with software updates, the Help panel was always up-to-date anyway, and if we wanted more info or examples there was frequently a link that would access the on-line help at adobe.com. So I want to add my vote to bring back the Help panel! It is really one of the most useful features of previous versions of Flash and not including it in CS4 is a step backward...


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                          Rothrock Level 5
                          Yeah. I've got to add my voice as well. The new help system is less than helpful.

                          I tried the Keep Me Offline trick, but that seems to break the context sensitive use of F1. I type var myArray:Array and then press F1. Should take me to the Array class, but I end up with a page that just tells me that there is online help. (file:///Library/Application%20Support/Adobe/Help/en_US/AS2LCR/Flash_10.0/index.html)

                          That seems to be for AS2.

                          If you can't (or won't) go back and you have to keep it in html. Then I have some suggestions.

                          The first thing you could do to make it more helpful is actually have it put the list of the classes down the side. That way if I have more than one question I can jump back and forth.

                          There is a lot of inconstancies between all the different pages I end up. I can't ever rely that pressing F1 is going to take me where I want to go. For awhile it kept taking me to some top level help page where I first had to select Flash CS4 and then drill down. If I ask for help from Flash I don't expect to have to wade through files for all the other Design Premium applications.

                          Well my post is a bit of a mess and all over the place, but that is how I feel about the new help system! So it is kinda apropos.

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                            Vitzkrieg Level 1
                            I have to agree with everyone else on here. We just updated to CS4 where I work figuring we would try to keep up to date, but what a mistake that was. The templates, components, and custom help files we use and the thousands of files we've created the past few years are all done in AS2.0 and there's no support for it.

                            I realize the world is getting more and more connected, but who ever decided to force everyone online should be fired. Sure it's easier to keep everything up to date, for the developers at Adobe, not the developers out in the world using CS4. On-line or off-line, the new help system blows.

                            If you're going to copy the help system that Sun uses for Java, at least make it as good as what they have.
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                              GhengisJones Level 1
                              Online Help is a TERRIBLE idea.

                              The day I installed CS4 Master Collection I clicked on Help in one of the progs and guess what?

                              The Adobe server was down!

                              I have enough trouble with my ISP tanking when I need 'net access!

                              Other times, the Adobe servers have been very sluggish.

                              People have deadlines to meet and Help that is unreliable is no help at all.

                              And FWIW, any kind of HTML-based help in any program is vastly inferior to the old-school Help simply because the search is so useless.

                              Used to be you could search "Pen Tool" (for instance) and very quickly find a good description of said tool and its capabilities.

                              Now you just get any old article that mentions "pen" and "tool" and you have to weed through a bunch of useless crap.
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                                Although I have internet access at home and have been able to get the help online (with pains), it is a lot more cumbersome. The major problem I have is at work. We have a very strict, almost assembly-line type atmosphere in our graphics department and getting online is frowned upon, not to mention monitored. While I doubt we would get in trouble for accessing Adobe information, we would all be better served by having our trusty help in the most easily accessible and direct place possible. Our quotas would thank you.