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    PHP to Flash / Functions

      I want to perform an action in Flash, so it sends values to PHP

      SendTheData = function(type,val,other){
      SendData = new LoadVars();
      SendData.type = val;
      SendData.varName = other;
      myData.send(" http://www.url.com/page.php", SendData, "POST");
      Is this the correct way? I may have got it all wrong to start to be honest.

      If I then call SendTheData(name,jim,20)
      I want "SendData.type = val" to pick up the 'type' value sent to the function and send so I can receive in PHP using $_POST['name'] - I think how I have done it it would receive $_POST['type']

      SendData.varName = other;//but I want this to receive $_POST['varName'] = which I think is correct

      Any ideas?