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    Adobe Summit 2017 L4210 - Data quality: Detect critical issues before they happen

    jantzen.belliston-Adobe Adobe Employee

      Summit Attendees,

      Please use this discussion for a review of the lab and a place to ask additional questions regarding the lab.


      Analysts and marketers are relying on the data collected from their web properties for making important decisions. Although there are tools in the market that check whether your analytics implementation tracks the right data, you also need to take other factors into account: communications, accountability, and culture. Detecting issues before they go live, and putting some responsibility into the hands of development are just two ways that automated testing can help keep the data valid.

      In this lab:

      • Build automated tests that check whether your website provides everything you need for your analytics tool
      • Create a test framework that plugs into existing infrastructure
      • Learn about a ready-to-deploy tool to help your developers avoid breaking tracking

      The session is for a semi-technical audience, primarily those responsible for the validity of analytics data.