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    Several tags retrieve different output


      HI. I'm working with RbHp x7.

      I'm inserting tags in parts of topics as follows:

      Excerpt1 - Tag A, TagB, TagC
      Excerpt2 - TagK, TagX, TagY, TagW.

      When I create a layout and request all excerpts with tagX, for instance, only excerpt2 appears (which is the expected behaviour), yet, if I create a layout with tagB none of the excerpts appears (in this last case I expected to see excerpt1).

      Please mind that there are other excerpts with text with no tags before and after the excerpts.

      I've done several tests, for example:
      a) I've included tagX in excerpt1 (and it doesn't appear when selected in the output) and
      b) I've included TagB in excerpt2 (in which case this excerpt correctly appears when TagB is selected in the output).

      The problem occurs only in excerpt1, independently of the tags used, but I couldn't determin a pattern - is there any explanation for this? Thanks in advance.