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    Page Viewed Segment Building

    davidb98884514 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I'm running an AB test where we're redirecting 50% of visitors to our site from our current sales engine to a new sales engine. Visitors enter the campaign prior to visiting either of the sales engines. I'm trying to build a segment to measure performance by only visitors that entered the sales engines (either of the two). I've made a segment in which the condition is Current Page URL contains www.domainname.com/ticketstoreA or www.domainname.com/ticketstoreB at the campaign entry level. For whatever reason, this segment does not work. It continues to show zeros despite my countless times visiting the sales engine after entering the campaign. Strangely though, I've replaced the URL with another URL outside of the sales engine and that worked. 

      Has anyone experienced this?

      Thanks in advance!


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        Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee

        Hi David,

        It might sound obvious but I hope you have the target library (mbox.js) on the sales engine.