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    Form fragments

    AEM Forum Level 1

      Hi ,

      There are two types of form fragments requirements in my project:

      1. Header and Footer: Content authored once, but used in all forms. Not required to be re-authored.

      2. Common parts of a form: Here it has a set of form elements common in many forms, but content should not replicate. Every form should be presented only those fields with blanks (no values). Ex: Address.

      How to achieve both the above using a Form Fragment.

      Appreciate your reply.



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          TundraSteve Employee Moderator

          If you have a common header/footer that would typically be placed on the template.

          To create a form fragment follow also note that on package share there is a package that has sample fragments.

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            AEM Forum Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            I completely agree with you that we should put it in a template and use that template.

            But, I have 80 such templates.

            Please suggest a way of authoring header and footer once once and make sure that they propagate to all 80 templates?

            I do not want to author them 80 times, as the content is exactly the same!

            Form Fragments may be an answer, but I am missing the link. (Form Fragments may be created for each of header and footer, that could be dragged and dropped on to the template.)
            Could Form Fragments be authored with initial content and be used like this?



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              sixteenlabsinc Level 2

              If you're looking for the same header and footer on every page, then you need to create a template. When you create your forms, you're asked to pick a template. The template is a wrapper for your Adaptive Form and can include any number of elements around the form itself. I typically include my navbar in the header to create a standard page look across site page and adaptive forms - ensures a fluid experience.


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                AEM Forum Level 1

                Hi all,

                Kindly understand my request completely and help.

                I am dependent on you only.



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                  TundraSteve Employee Moderator

                  Yes you can create two fragments and you'll notice there is a header and footer component in adaptive forms.  If the header/footer information changed you could edit the fragments and any existing (in progress forms) or new forms would show the updated information.  If you changed a template you have to go back and update the existing form designs with the new template.

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                    workflowuser Adobe Employee

                    I have an example of Address fragment which populates the address using the geo location API. You can download the fragment from here. Once you login using your Facebook account you will see a number of demo-listings. Search for "Geolocation API" and download the fragment. You can install it on your local AEM Server(your local AEM server needs to be SSL enabled for the API to work).The official documentation is here . I am also going to post a package for enabling SSL for your AEM server sometime this week

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