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    logging of widget's script or expression evaluation

    urs h. Level 1

      I would like to log the evaluation of a widget's initialization script, value commit script, calculate expression, visibility expression, access expression, validation expression etc.

      Is there any possibility to log (to javascript console) when what script or expression is evaluated and what the result of the evaluation is?

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        rishim22446870 Level 2

        To enable logging follow these steps

        a) Navigate to system console [1]
        b) Search for the service DAY CQ HTML Library Manager (or Granite HTML Library Manager) and open the settings for the same
        c) Check the checkbox which says Debug Console
        d) In the text box which says Debug Init Script define a js variable window.AF_log_config with the value "a7-b7-c7-d7". To know what this value represents have a look at Log Configuration[2]
        e) Save the settings.
        f) Open any Guide and the logger will be enabled

        Note: Support for sending logs to server is not available

        [1] http://<server_name>:<server_port>/system/console/configMgr

        [2] https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6/html5-forms/enable-logs.html