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    Tabbing order - Is it configurable

    vkeerthy Level 1

      Requirement: I want an authorable tabbing order for the form fields.


      Is there an out of the box functionality in AEM forms to control (by content author) the tabbing between fields. The default tabbing occurs either from left to right or top to bottom. So is there a way from AEM to influence on this sequence?

      Any pointers or work around is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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        vkeerthy Level 1

        Since business was expecting this functionality, I over-layed as per the attachment and in the widget.jsp, I tried to absorb tabindex value configured form dialog.

        <c:otherwise> <c:set var="tabIndexValue" value="<%=properties.get("tabIndex", "")%>"/> <input type="text" tabIndex="${tabIndexValue}" id="${guideid}${'_widget'}" name="${guide:encodeForHtmlAttr(guideField.name,xssAPI)}" value="${guide:encodeForHtmlAttr(guideField.value,xssAPI)}" style="${guide:encodeForHtmlAttr(guideField.widgetInlineStyles,xssAPI)}" placeholder="${guide:encodeForHtmlAttr(guideField.placeholderText,xssAPI)}"/> </c:otherwise>

        For some reason the tabindex value that I configure from dialog aren't effective. Am I missing some step here...? Any help / suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks!


        ~ On side note, I could see the default AEM components spits some random index ID for each form fields. I am not sure where this is coming from as well :(