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    action script flash newbie

      hi could anyone recomend a training school for flash and action script please ,help me, i want to know what i need to learn in order to make a web site similar to www.educationcity.com you can log in using my account, username: 306BroadmeadInf password: 989552 ,i know it will take ages getting to that level and i am willing to wake up WORK, play with my daughter for 10 minutes WORK eat for 5 minutes WORK have a shower WORK go to bed, wake up WORK.........
      i need to know what software i need to learn , and if you know of any reputable companies that offer training for the task at hand, im based in the uk , i want to say again that i know it will be very hard work , but i really want this, im am currently a network technician and have some basic knowledge of dreamweaver and flash , thanks in advance.