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    [AEM Forms] Post Your Innovative Feature Request here....

    kautuksahni Adobe Employee

      Welcome to the Feature Request thread
      Use this thread to request new features or suggest modifications to existing features. 

      Template to be used:
          Feature Request Template

          Title: [FR] <Title>
          How important it is for you? :
          AEM Version:
          Extra Information:



      1. For FR reporting, make sure you have already posted a question on the forum. Once it is confirmed that it is a bug, please post it here. 
      2. Do not post FR/Bugs already logged in daycare.
      3. After the discussion, you need to create daycare ticket for these.
      4. This is just a discussion platform, the implementation of FR is beyond the scope of this.
      5. Do not discuss information covered by a nondisclosure agreement.


      Thanks and Regards
      Kautuk SAhni