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    #Adobechat - How do you see digital experiences changing in the future? What will facilitate these changes?

    Gigazelle Adobe Employee

      Each week on Twitter, @AdobeMktgCloud asks several questions to the community. Responses are transcribed here to facilitate further discussion. The following is question 1 asked Oct 19 2016:

      How do you see digital experiences changing in the future? What will facilitate these changes?

      Michael Halbrook @Halbrook
      More/most digital experiences will be personalized & 1:1. Tech & location awareness will allow for this.

      Loni Stark @lonistark
      See digital & physical experience continue to blur. Connected devices #IoT #AR #VR & desire for heightened experience.

      Christopher Thames @ChrisThames29
      Where do I start? Virtual Reality, AI integration, self-driving cars, the hyperloop, Mars tours, etc.

      Venture @VentureComms
      Digital experiences need to become more visually immersive. We're getting there with the rise in VR, AR, and livestream.

      David Daniels @EmailDaniels
      They will be hyper relevant and personalized. This will be driven by Identity Management, People Based Marketing.

      David Cooperstein @minicooper
      Digital experiences will become more than just web/mobile/screen driven. They are going to enhance offline through many "interfaces".

      Jennifer Baker @JenniferBakerCo
      Digital experiences HAVE changed the future.

      R2integrated @R2integrated
      Consumer tech always drives change in UX. Big question right now is whether or not VR/AR manages to find a stable audience.

      Rina Popat @RinaSPopat
      Users are becoming more savvy to their experience. Orgs need to enhance the way users interact with content.

      Ken Burbary @kenburbary
      Experiences will continue to improve via personalization, data integration that gives greater context and optimal outcomes.

      Cory Edwards @coryedwards
      The future of digital experiences will be in a world where personalization meets relevance & need for customers.

      Pernille Korzon @PernilleKorzon
      More Customer journey demands know-how will be more demanding on peer-2-peer knowledge sharing.

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