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    Adobe Summit 2017 L4241- Adobe Target Premium: Automated personalization and recommendations

    ParitMittal Level 5

       Adobe Digital Summit Attendees,

      Please use this discussion for a review of the lab and a place to ask additional questions regarding the lab.

      Description :

      These days, A/B testing by itself just isn't enough. Your customers demand relevant, rewarding, and engaging content and experiences all the time. To keep up with these experience-driven demands, you must personalize your digital experiences. Go further with personalization than ever before and tap in to the automation and data sciences capabilities of Adobe Target Premium. Learn how to become conversational with our primary data science algorithms, such as residual variance, lifetime value, random forest, content similarity, and collaborative filtering.

      In this session:

      • Understand how to augment your Adobe Target implementation for powerful data sources, including customer attributes and product parameters for Adobe Target Recommendations
      • Launch a recommendations activity and automated personalization activity, and convert an A/B test
      • Learn when to use different flavors of personalization and how to leverage the entire Adobe Target technology stack to grow your business