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    LR6 Stalled During Back Up and Now Won't Open


      I have LR6 and was viewing photos in the Grid View.  If I tried looking at just one I noticed it hung (little gear like image appearing in middle of screen) on displaying it.  When I clicked over to Develop, it properly showed the photo.  I only wanted to look for a photo - so did nothing more.  But I did try this on several photos and they all behaved the same way.  When I closed, it asked if I wanted to backup and I said yes.  After approx 18 hours with the small window saying it was backing up, I tried cancelling the backup and that too stalled.  So, I forced LR to quit.  Now when I try opening it, it bounces on my dock for a while and then sits.  Option when I right click is Force Quit.  Mac El Capitan 10.11.6.  I've had LR since around Oct of last year. 


      Please help.