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    Saving As Jpeg Brightens Shadows


      Hi all,


      First time posting so excuse me if this is not in the correct format or spot.


      I'm having an issue where I am editing a RAW photo in PS, create a new Levels adjustment layer, and fade the shadows. However, when I try and save the completed work as a Jpeg file, it brings the shadows right up and reintroduces noise that occurs when brightening the shadows.



      Original File inside PS



      Jpeg preview (the final Jpeg file also looks like this)





      I tried merging all the layers, I've tried bumping it from 8bit to 16bit. Not sure why this is happening as I like what I see on the project file, but the Jpeg result is not so pleasing!


      I am running Windows 8.1.  Photoshop CS6, on a 64bit system. Perhaps I need to empty my scratch disks (though im not sure why this would be the issue as the scratch disks are set to drives with at least 200gb of free space).


      If you need any more info that I haven't provided, let me know.


      Kind regards,