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    No live update while scrubbing through image sequences (Live Update enabled)

    eikonoklastes Level 4

      As the title states, my comp window no longer updates as I scrub through the timeline even though Live Update is turned on. This happens only on image sequences. I can scrub through a video and it will update.


      The only way for me to scrub through live is to first cache the sequence.  This used to not be the case before where I could scrub through image sequences without needing to cache.


      Changing the quality from Full to Quarter doesn't make any difference, neither does switching to Fast Draft or Adaptive Resolution.


      The current frame just remains frozen until I release the cursor at the new timeline location, at which point, the picture will update.





      After Effects CC 2017.2 (

      Intel Core i7 7700K, 64 GB RAM, GTX 1080 Ti, 300 GB Media Cache on separate SSD

      Image sequence: 250 frame, 8-bit, 1080p TIFF sequence rendered out of 3ds max imported at 25 FPS into an 8 bpc project.


      The frames are on an internal, SATA drive.


      Edit: this seems to be the same issue as described here:

      Live update broken