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    Table of contents and titles in 2 lines




      I've been passed a template that has the section titles done in 2 lines, the number alone and the title on the following line, like the following example:



      Section title



      Subsection title


      I'm creating paragraphs styles to be able to automatically number those sections. The problem is, I'll have to create a Numbered section title (for the first line) and a non-numbered section title for the second line.


      Now, once I create my table of contents, I'll need them both to appear in one line:


      1.     Section title

           1.1     Subsection title


      Considering that I have created now 2 separate paragraph styles, I'm not sure of how to do this. Is there anything I should be doing differently?

      The document is quite large and with many subsections, so it's crucial to have automatic numbering.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.