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    After Effects 14.2 not migrating my old shortcuts that i used to use in 14.0


      I used to use custom english shortcuts since CC 2015. But after CC 2017.2 (14.2) update my shortcuts not working anyore.


      I've tried migrating form 14.0 it didn't worked.

      Resync my settings with downloading.

      Manually copied 14.0 shortcuts to C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\14.2 renaming

      Adobe After Effects 14.0 Win en_US Shortcuts.txt  to -> Adobe After Effects 14.2 Win en_US Shortcuts.txt


      It didn't worked either. When after effects opening, it changes the shortcut text file to default one.


      How can i get back my shortcuts I've  been using for years to 14.2?