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    Arrow Keys "Skipping" Pages


      I'm not sure how many people have this problem, but I figured I might be able to get some feedback, or just offer some advice on a recent problem that is really beginning to irritate me. Before I begin, I'm using Windows 10 and the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions as of the date this was posted.


      I don't really have a strong opinion on how much we're allowed to zoom into a page when using the program; as long as I can see the letters from a reasonable distance and I don't have to hook my laptop up to my TV in order to be able to properly read what's in a document, I'm generally happy with what I get. There is just one tiny problem with not being able to fluidly manipulate a screen with the mouse or quickly zoom in or out of a screen with a few taps of the keyboard...proper arrow key/page key controls. For example, if I have trouble moving a page that is zoomed in with the mouse (often happens because I only have a touchpad that is slowly giving up the ghost and not an actual functioning mouse), I usually resort to using the arrow keys, both because I can switch hands while using them. I've been using my left hand to do more and more over the last year or so since I was warned by one of my professors that I might be developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and you don't need a lot of precision to just hit an arrow key which you have to do a lot if you're scrolling down a document you're studying from for several hours together.


      I've noticed, however, that when I hit the arrow key using Digital Editions that half of the hits will scroll me down the zoomed-in page and the other half of the hits take me to the next page. This also happens with the up arrow, where I am sometimes taken to the previous page instead of closer to the top. It isn't like I've hit the border of the next page, or the bottom/top of the page I'm on; I can literally be at the top of one page, hit the down key to scroll down and then, 'bam', I'm on the next page without having even glimpsed the bottom of the page I'm on. This is really irritating and disorienting since I then need to either hit the up arrow to return to where I was or - even worse - hit the 'page up' key and hope I don't get punted to the wrong section of the page I was reading. I don't know if this is a problem with just the files I'm using or if it's the program itself but it makes me long for the old days when I could just plug in my tablet and drag the page up and down to scroll while hitting 'pgdn' for the next section. And those were incredibly awkward, unwieldy times.



      Anyway, just hoping to hear some feedback as to what I'm doing wrong or else just if there's something wrong with the program or if it's just a Windows 10 thing. Thanks for reading this overly-long discussion post, whoever you are.