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    showave 3d preloader

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      How do you make a preloader or something to test if the shockwave 3D
      member has loaded? I have a large SW3D member. i'm running the
      application as a Projector. However, when my movie gets to the 3D sprite
      in the Score, the application freezes while it seems to load the 3D
      world. After a few seconds, it plays. How can I prelaod it and have
      something else happening while it is loading to prevent my application
      appearing in a crashed state when the 3D is opening up?


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          adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
          An easy solution to this would be to extend the 3D sprite's timeline to the beginning of your movie and make it invisible. When you get to the spot in the timeline were you want the 3D sprite to appear, switch it's visibility back to true.

          There is probably a more elegant method to accomplishing this that involves more coding, but this should work for you.