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    why should i set ram usage at 70 ? can't see any sense &  improvement

    Giovannivolontè Level 1


      i have watched several lynda tutorials and in all these tutorials the author recommend to set ram in the preferences @ 100%


      according to adobe optimize performance ->  Optimize performance Photoshop CC


      they racomend to set to 70%

      maybe there 2 silly questions



      on a windows computer with 32GB or 64GB (or more) is there any sense to set at 70% ?



      and about 3D Vram  , i don't use 3d in photoshop , on my computer is set to use 4GB or vram (never tweaked it)


      is a good idea ,seeing i don't use 3D, set 3d vram to 0 , so photoshop could use it for 2d editing?