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    resizing Crop in Camera Raw issues

    su rex Level 1

      I do lots of batch processing in camera raw and one of the adjustments is to apply a crop to several images at once. I can then move quickly from one image to the next making small adjustments to the crop. However since the last couple updates I can no longer do that. I can apply a crop to a number of images but I can't make adjustments to the crop. I'm using a wacom tablet and pen and when I place my cursor at the corner to make the crop area larger or smaller I can see the double headed arrow. As soon as I make the slightest movement it changes to either the rotate arrow or the move tool. I have to try several times for the double headed arrow to stay and allow me to move the handles. Most of the time it's quicker to clear the crop area and just redraw the crop. So long quick editing. Any suggestions on why this is happening and why it just started?