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    When XD will be ready, really?

    ammoniaavenue Level 1


      After about 6 full days to find a modern software/app after being Photoshop for about 15 years I have nothing. After all that time I assumed that one of the main player of the design tool world will big hit and I hope this would be Adobe XD.


      But after a long long silence we need to hear Adobe's future plan about XD. Currently I had to go back my table to work with Photoshop again but I am really sad about making design without modern helpers like auto layout tools, auto content creators etc.


      After see webflow I realised that we need strong design tools that serves us some key tools to prevent loosing times and efforts as we designing. If you have to "design" a product list page and if that page will 5 alternatives all that pixel perfect needs are our trouble now. Big, huge trouble. Shifting texts, arranging containers, listing again with a padding etc are not related to "design something". Those needs related to design sowftware's interface and functions ability.


      I want to make design and I don't want to waste my time to simulative adaptations. Simply if there is a grid that will contains items, I don't want to waste my time when changing an item's name with a long text. if there is a long text there and it will be 2 lines after edit the layout should be adapt itself with my constrains.


      After see webflow I thought that simple thing "why we can't make design like responsive tools?"


      So, when Adobe XD will be ready? As a designer I am waiting for:

      1) Adobe should add all key modern features to Adobe XD as built in (like repatitive grid)

      2) First 10 plugins that fly over our heads in the design app world should be developed BEFORE the real Adobe XD version is published.(like flex box)

      3) some of the big youtubers has to be hired and they should prepare good and detailed tutorials fastly after or in the same time of the new Adobe XD is published.

      Because we need get an urgent and effective tool from you. I don't want to spend my time with other tools anymore.


      Thank you

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          Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

          Developing a good design app takes time. It looks like Adobe is heading down a good path with XD, but it's going to be a while until it's done. I estimate 6-12 months before the first version that's ready for larger scale "professional" production work (but have no inside knowledge and that's just a guess). That doesn't mean all of what you're asking for while be in at that point. I know it's hard to wait, but they have to develop a completely brand new app on Mac and Windows. Keep in mind Sketch was released 7 years ago, so look how long it took them to get to where they are today!


          I had written a blog post a while ago Is Adobe Experience Design (XD) Ready for Production Work? and was impressed that an XD manager contacted me about it. They really seem dedicated to XD, so hang in there.


          As for learning XD, I wrote a book for Noble Desktop (the training center I work at) that we will keep updating as XD develops: Noble Desktop | Adobe Experience Design (XD) Training Book

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            ammoniaavenue Level 1

            Thank you for your opinions Dan. (I could not mention you Dan because your nickname is not shown I could not find)


            I think a new product should work like a browser anymore. I mean, we can use CSS abilities in our design tools it should be like a  browser simulator. Currently Sketch added some features like pinning and a plugin that try to work like a CSS flexbox. but those are not good enough. Although they are primitive efforts, those tools help us for huge time saving.