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    AdobeID authorization fails on any new devices after account country changed


      In November last year the Adobe customer service changed the address and country of my account. Some days ago I installed Adobe Digital Editions on a new device and wanted to access my earlier purchased ebooks, which is not possible any more.

      I tried an Android device, both with Aldiko and ADE. After entering the credentials in Aldiko, it says "device authorized" but does not display the ebook. ADE does not download/display any ebooks.

      I tried a new computer (which never had ADE installed). ADE does not authorize the ebook with the error message: "The vendor account you entered is not associated with the item you are trying to open."

      At the same time, on my old computer, which had ADE installed PRIOR to the changes that Adobe made to my account, the ebooks still open - with the exact same credentials.

      I was in contact with the customer support chat, which ended up with them referring to the forum because they did not know what to do (other than changing the country back, which is not an option).

      So, anyone here, maybe from Adobe, who has any idea how I can access my previously purchased ebooks again on new devices? Any help appreciated!