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    把视频下裁入Adobe Premium Elements 11编辑时,只有视频,没有音频


      I have used my Panasonic HC- X929 camcorder to recorded my video (with SanDisk Extreme SDXC  45MB/S) to edit my video, it was AVCHD (MTS) video format During my editing in the Adobe Premiere Elements 11, it had worked complete well with its sound and music, even with editing music and burned my Blue-ray Disc.

      Recently I have recorded my video with SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC 95MB/S, during the editing in the same software , the video (video 1) is normal but it has no sound signals in the video (sound 1), it remain blank

      Now I am using Windows 7

      all of the SanDisk SD 95MB/S data was first download to the PC videos HDD, from this videos HDD then shifted to the software for editing

      During my editing video in Adobe Premiere Elements 11, I did not see audio waves in audio layer

      now I am trying a test version Adobe Premiere Elements 15 for editing, its occurred 2 problems

      1. 1. Video in SD 95MB/S -  video signals remain fine, but still no sound signals or audio waves
      2. 2. Video in SD 45MB/S - video signals remain fine, it has audio waves but it cannot direct to the output PC speaker

      now, I am facing this problem when editing this video. thank you!


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