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    Photoshop CC 2017 Custom Workspace


      Just upgraded to Photoshop CC 2017 and am attempting to emulate the same workspace & panels used for the "Classroom in a Book" 2017. Have set-up & saved the new workspace but do not know or see where to get the "Libraries" panel to add it to my new workspace.  Not listed in the "Window" drop-down options. Would like to work through their tutorials seeing it the same way it is demonstrated.  On a Mac. 


      Does anyone know where that "Libraries" panel comes from or is there something wrong with my up-grade set up?  BTW - a lot of the instructional pictures used in the book for the workspace don't look like a similar interface, oddly.  Also, I up-graded from 2015 CC so skipped an up-grade.


      Any help is appreciated!  Thank-you so much!

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          JRfromPTC Level 3

          Libraries were available in CC 2015 and are, of course, available on CC 2017 as well. I'm not sure why they are not showing in your windows drop-down menu. Maybe place a screenshot?

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            F.Quill Level 1

            Thanks for that suggestion, however, the tutorials demonstrate it as an active panel that appears to be employed in later parts of their tutorial.  It is the first time I have ever seen a workspace example like that.  But they do make references to "trial" versions of Photoshop but indicate that when using a "trial" version of Photoshop that the trial version may look different from their examples.


            Maybe I will contact the writer/editor of the book?

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              F.Quill Level 1

              Figured it out, ... after taking a break away from the work:  Because of the way my Photoshop workspace is set-up and what I use from the subscription, I do not employ the Creative Cloud, when working on my desktop, at the moment.  Neanderthal ...?  The other panels, shown in the "Classroom in a Book" are dedicated to Creative Cloud (CC), and therefore, I am guessing, only visible or available when CC is activated to, and set up with, the workspace.  Originally, in my first post, I assumed that I could just select those panels from the drop-down > Window menu, same as any other panels that you choose to put in the workspace.  But there is no "Library" or "Drag-and-drop Assets" listed there, even after the update.


              This is not explained but after inspecting the images of the screens, as they were printed in the book, at the bottom of those panels, - really tiny - are the CC symbol, etc., .  There are some cool, new-to-me features in that panel.  Could be a real time-saver, in my future.  Right now, am mostly concerned with learning to smooth out Photoshop workflow and achieve better results, in a more timely fashion.


              Possibly, too, I may not have installed the update exactly as they recommended - did my best, and so far, everything works beautifully!  Photoshop is quite exciting to work with, really!!  Looking forward to fully utilizing Photoshop with CC!


              Thank-you for trying to help me out earlier.  Just in case you were curious for an explanation or solution hope this helps.