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    Why transparent?

      I tried to create my first Quiz-Question (Fill-in-the-blank).
      What's confusing me, is that in preview, all my text entry boxes and text fields (even images) are barely visible.
      They are transparent, though transparency option is 0% everywhere.

      What's wrong?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Too little information provided.

          What steps have you taken to troubleshoot this yourself?

          What is the "transparency" to which you refer -- to my knowledge there is no transparency option on Questions slides, so that can't be it(?). Or maybe I've misunderstood and you are not talking about the Question slide at all? Is that just a throw away remark to explain what you are working on in general? With that assumption in mind, I'll address issues other than the Question Slides themselves, as in ...

          What do you mean by "everywhere" when you say the

          ... transparency option is 0% everywhere.

          What are you previewing when these objects seem to be barely visible? That is, are you previewing the whole project {F4}, or the next-five-slides {F10}, or just a single slide {F3} or what?

          What is a text-field and what does it do - do you mean a text-caption? You already mentioned text entry boxes (TEBs) as a separate item, so I doubt that is what you mean, but I'm at a loss to understand what object you are referring to with the term "text field".

          Sorry that I have only questions and no answers just yet. Your problem was a little vague on specifics. Thanks for more information ... and again, I apologize for my inability to determine what you are seeing ... probably my scrambled brain is the problem.
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            CatBandit Level 3
            It occurs to me that any object may appear to be transparent if it has it's transition effects set to "Fade Out", and a click-box or button (TEB) "freezes" the slide during that fade-out transition. Is it possible this could be your problem? Check the object's properties dialog (tab labeled "Options") to see if you can change the object transition to "Fade-in Only", or no transition at all.

            Note that images, text captions, etc. have the Transition effect, as does text-entry-boxes. Click-boxes and buttons have no such transition, but they may be the cause of the problem of other items appearing transparent due to their pausing of the slide during the transition period of other objects. Clear? Hope so. Let me know if more is required.
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              My issue is a bit different. When I F4 to preview, there is only blank scree but the audio is playing. However, when I F12, video and audio are all showing. Any suggestions please?

              Much appreciated...

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Welcome to our community, Roland

                This has been a frequently asked question since Flash Player 10 was deployed. Things should work fine after you publish (even on Flash 10).

                There was a recent thread where one of the Captivate team replied. Can't find it at the moment. If I do, I'll return and post a link to it for further explanation.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  rarudio Level 1
                  Thanks for the reply Rick, I noticed that this "blank screen issue" applies only to full motion recording. Any thoughts?

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi again Roland

                    I finally located the thread. It is linked below:

                    Click here

                    Cheers... Rick
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                      rarudio Level 1
                      Thanks Rick! Happy New Year!