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    Quality Control


      Are there any quality control mechanisms in place for vector art on AdobeStock?


      It seems that there are not or the criteria is very low. I've been creating vector art for almost 20 years and never did it once occur to me that placing a bitmap image onto an artboard, maybe adding a clipping mask, and saving it as an AI or other vector format magically made the image a vector file.


      However it seems that it is a trend on AdobeStock to include such files in their "vector" image profile. This blows! I have licensed countless images that end up being just that clipped bitmaps. USELESS!


      I wonder how many other people might be experiencing the same unfortunate truth.


      I have thought about becoming a contributor and submitting vector art. Maybe there is a way to designate the art as "not really vector"? I don't know the actual compensation agreement with AdobeStock but seems like someone is getting taken advantage of. Might be me.


      Don't get me wrong, I think AdobeStock is great. However this is becoming an irritation.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Thank you for the feedback. To answer your question, yes we have strict quality control standards in place. All submitted content is reviewed by our moderation team. I'm sorry that some of the files you have downloaded did not meet your expectations. Please contact customer service and include the image numbers so they can properly assist you in obtaining files better suited for your needs.


          Best regards,


          Mat Hayward