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    Video won't playback in source window when enable mercury transmit is select (2017.1.1)


      Hi All,


      So I am in the process of finally upgrading my edit suite and I am running into some issues (as is per the course with any upgrade :-) ).


      First some tech spec:

      Mac Pro (Early 2008)

      2 x 2.8 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon

      24 GB memory

      NVIDA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB video card


      Premiere Pro CC v11 (2017.1.1)

      Deckling Studio 4K running version 10.9.3


      Ok with all that out of the way here is my issue I am running into.


      On playback setting if I want to be able to play my timeline out to my external display I need to have ENABLE MERCURY TRANSMIT selected. However when that is selected I cannot play any 4K clips in my source monitor on premiere no matter how low I set my resolution. This problem only happens with 4K footage ... HD footage plays fine.  Before the upgrade I no problem playing back 4K footage in the source monitor as long as I lowered the resolution (and that was with a Decklink Studio HD card). Now with the upgraded system even when I lower the 4K resolution I still can't get 4K to playback at all (it won't even studder through it ... it just refuses to play). I have tested it with RED R3D files as well as 4K MXF files.


      If I disable ENABLE MERCURY TRANSMIT than I can play 4k footage in my source monitor but then my timeline monitor doesn't go out to my external displays.  It is crazy to have to switch back and forth with the settings ... especially on the few occasions a client still sits in on the edit.


      Any advice or suggestions will be great appreciated ... thanks,




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