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    Where to put #include/script src statement

    Kelly Anderson Level 1

      This will probably be a confusing question, but I'm going to give it a shot.


      In my panel development, I use the PProPanel as a base to start developing. 

      In that 'package', I have:





      plus other files and folders.


      In my development, I have created a library of custom functions that I use across multiple panels.

      (example: myPProFunctions.js, myAEFunctions.js, myCommonFunctions.js)

      I add this to individual panels by using an #include line, usually in the Premiere.jsx or the AE.jsx.

      However, I've created some library functions that I can utilize in the ext.js and index.html.

      My question is, where do I add the #include or the script src line so the libraries can be utilized across all files?

      I've found that when I add the #include line to the Premiere.jsx file the ext.js file can't see the functions.


      thanks for any input,