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    Adobe Media Encoder Render Cancellations


      I'm having a weird problem I've never experienced before regarding AME cancelling renders by itself. It renders my video at a fast rate, but slows down over time until it is so slow that the estimated time remaining rises at an accelerating rate. After rendering for some time, it eventually gives up and just cancels the render.


      This specific project is very simple; a video background, some text, and an extremely small audio visualizer using After Effects' built in Audio Spectrum. The final output should be a 1920x1080 60fps .mp4 file. I've rendered much more complicated projects with no issue.


      Any suggestions on what I could do? The only working method I seem to have at the moment is splitting up the render into multiple parts and then merging the video files together afterwards.


      Thanks for any help!

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          Check the audio source file for integrity and if necessary convert it to a PCM/ WAV file, assuming it is some rubbish MP3 or whatever. Conversely check the hardware acceleration options in AME and elsewhere and turn them off. Sometimes cyclic relations with too many CoDecs using GPU stuff can make things go boom.



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