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    Adobe can't authenticate signature


      Adobe freezes when attempting to authenticate signature. I can press sign and chose the correct signature and it will save but it freezes indefinitely. It's supposed to pop up a window with the option of putting in my password for authentication at this point but that point can never be reached due to it being frozen. I can close the program and open it up again and there the signature will be. However it will give me an error stating adobe cannot authenticate signature. Which makes the signature useless to government customers. We've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, updating it, and removing the certificate from windows to no avail. We're using safenet token with UCA4 Medium Insurance Tokens. It's worth mentioning this works for all the other employees with the same configuration, I have the only problem.

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi isaacf8866422,


          Does Reader crash when you try to use Reader's other option like Fill & Sign?

          Also, does this happen with a specific pdf or with all the pdfs you try to sign?


          What is the version of Acrobat/Reader installed on the computer?

          You may refer to this link for the same: Identify the product and its version for Acrobat and Reader DC

          Which Operating System is installed on the computer?


          Awaiting your response.


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            cadbury Adobe Employee

            Dear isaacf8866422,


            Thank you for reporting the issue.

            Can you please confirm if you are using Acrobat or Reader and the build that you using. You will get the build that you are using.

            Second, where is the digital id installed, like on local drive or on some folder in Windows Certificate Store ? Please go to the certificate and click on the certificate. Please paste the snapshot of the details tab of the certificate so that we can see the details of the certificate .


            Incase you have the pfx//p12 file for the digital id that you use, trying importing the digital id through Acrobat .Remove the digital id from the Windows Certificate Store. Launch the file and click on the signature field.

            Select "Configure a new digital id"-->"Use a digital id from a file" -->Browse to the location of the pfx/p12 file of the digital id -->Enter the password for the file-->Continue-->Continue. This will import the digital id to the existing list of digital ids. Try signing with the digital id.

            Do you still face the same issue?


            Thanks and regards,


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              isaacf8866422 Level 1

              It's Adobe DC. It seems to happen with all PDFs so far.


              The fill and sign option halfway works.


              I can fill a signature but it hang up when I'm supposed to put my password in.


              OS is Windows System.

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                isaacf8866422 Level 1

                It's Adobe Reader DC. I won't have the computer with me until Monday but I'll try that out and get back with you.