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    Exporting Video File Help?


      So I am fairly a beginner at this whole Photoshop thing so I'm honestly not very good and everything is so new to me. I decided to make a video and spent a lot of time on it. Only one problem. In the end, I can't export my video.


      This is what I did. First, I clicked Export, then Render Video. I chose Adobe Media Encoder and the H.264 format. I left everything else the way it was. Then, I clicked render, but it says, "Cannot render to the file '...mp4' because it is currently open."


      This doesn't really make sense to me because how am I supposed to export the video without having the file open? And I don't have another one open anywhere else. I don't know how to export my video and I can't seem to find anyone else who has a similar issue. So can someone help me please? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


      *I pray that this is not a dumb question*