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    Default 1 and default 2

    ekaboom Level 1

      Is there any way to have two defaults?


      I'd like to be able to animate from one pose to another With key triggers. But to do that, it seems that you can only animate each pose from the default character and back because it would be too complex to animate every pose to every other pose.


      But is there a way to structure the puppet so I could have two default poses?  So I could animate every pose from just two different default poses?


      I'm trying to figure out if I could structure my key animations to go from default 1 pose, to Pose A (or B or C or etc) , and then have a choice to go back to default 1 or go to default 2. And then have the same choice from default 2 to go to Pose A (or B or C or etc) and then back to default 2 or default 1.


      this way I have a little more diversity in the look instead of every other pose being the same default pose, I could have every 5th pose go back to one of the two defaults.


      Default 1 -> Pose A -> Default 2 -> Pose C -> Default 1 -> etc ...


      I realize if it's possible it will be a lot of work but is there even a way to structure this?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          There's probably a hacky way to do it that someone could figure out now, but currently we don't have a specific "pose to pose" workflow like you're asking for. The best you can do is use draggers and during recording move between poses (like we show in https://youtu.be/-wQZBZQMfLs?t=10m30s). Or just have one default that all key triggers go back to.


          But yeah - yours is a common request we hear and would love to include it in the future. I'd personally use it all the freaking time.

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            Dan Ramirez Adobe Employee

            What do you mean when you say "pose"?


            If the poses have nothing to do with the dragger behavior, you can probably get this working with Cycle Layers and Keyboard Triggers.


            Cycle Layers allows you pause layers and "hold on last layer". It also allows you to reverse back through the sequence which may or may not be useful.


            "Default 1 -> Pose A -> Default 2 -> Pose C -> Default 1 -> etc ..."


            The above structure could be put into one Cycle Layers behavior sitting on the Default 1 layer. You'd have another Default 2 layer sitting alongside it with both of them assigned to keyboard triggers and "hide others in group".


            If you want to "break out of the loop", you would just press the keyboard trigger for that Default 2 layer. Now you'd be in another loop where the first step is just hanging out in Default 2.

            Dan R.
            CH QA

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              ekaboom Level 1

              Thanks.  I'm going to rewatch this video.  In the end, I'm probably trying to look for the Hacky way.  I just have to figure out what it is.

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                ekaboom Level 1



                This is the way I've been trying to figure it out.  But I don't want to have set cycles for the entire duration.  I want to do them via keyboard triggers like you said but for each transition to a new pose with cycle layers.


                is this what your suggesting?:

                • Default 1
                  • Pose A: use a key trigger to Cycle to Pose A and pause? (Can you pause mid cycle or does this have to be set to a timer?  I'd rather not have to rely on a timer and keep it as a key trigger)
                    • Default 2: So here I can Cycle to a second instance of "Default 2" and then switch to the main instance of "Default 2" that's along side of "Default 1" with a key trigger.
                  • Pose B: similar to above
                  • Pose C: similar to above
                  • Pose D: similar to above
                • Default 2 (this one will also be like the above Default 1, but have different cycles because it's a different default image)