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    trimp path question


      I don't understand why trim path in several videos turns 360 degrees over and over like a clock hand, but mine goes from one side to the other and then returns  from the end to the start side again doing this over and over


      thanks for your help

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You need to explain better and show us examples of what videos/ tutorials you are referring to just as well as providing screenshots and info from your own project. Aside from that I get the impression you are mixing things up with effects like Strok and Vegas that have offset parameters, not just Start and End, which makes this a whole different thing.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You are using trim paths on a fill. It can be done for some shapes but requires animating a bunch of properties. Trim Paths is better suited to a stroke. Only when applied to a path with a stroke and no fill will the effect start at one end of the line and move to the other with only a couple of keyframes.

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              computero Level 1


              this is what i mean, trim path starts from one side (in this case right )  goes to the end point  then returns back from the end point to the start point, (like going from  right to left then left to right over and over) i used after effects CS6.3.PNG

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                computero Level 1

                This is what I see in the  video tutorials, trim path goes from the start point to the end point  but it does not return back, it completes a 360 degree over and over. I used CS6   the tutorials are in CC , I think this is a really interesting thing that add an extra detail to the project  but i dont know how to activate.  If you can notice there are only   two key frames in the project nothing extra added. I hope the tutorial make sense to my words ( minute 3:37)  Thank you very much for your help.


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                  Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

                  Just check that you don't have 'pingpong' selected in your preview panel...

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                    computero Level 1

                    It was really simple click  making a big difference.