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    Print File with parameters

    philippep2776167 Level 1

      Hello folks


      I'm trying to make a script to print my current doc (before merging it with other script)

      I have A4 format document, I need to print it to my "Adobe PDF Printer" with Registred Marks in an A3 Format.

      (my default printer is Adobe PDF but with A4 Format)


      My first step whas to look at the Framemaker scripting PDF file, to learn how to print my doc.


      I see only "SimplePrintDoc method to print.... but

      The help, speak about the "SetInt()" method to set the properties ... never find the SetInt() in the help !!!

      So i try changing the ActiveDoc parameters.


      But changing PDFRegistrationMarks/ PDFPage(size) or PrintPaper(size), PrintRegistratinMarks ... do nothing when i want to print.


      So I guest that SimplePrintDoc juste print with the default Printer parameters.

      Is there a way to print with the parameters i want?


      var vDoc = app.ActiveDoc;
      vDoc.PrinterName = null;
      vDoc.PrintRegistrationMarks = 1;
      vDoc.PDFPageHeight = 55174076;
      vDoc.PDFPageWidth = 39011973;
      vDoc.PrintPaperHeight = 39011973*2;;
      vDoc.PrintPaperWidth = 55174076;
      vDoc.PDFRegistrationMarks = Constants.FV_PDFRegistrationMarksWestern;
      // --- size of A4 Format ----
      // PaperHeight = 55174076
      // PaperWidth = 39011973