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    CS4 Dynamic text box crash!!!

    C-Rock Level 2
      Files created in CS 3 that have a dynamic text box crash Flash. I've tried over 20 different files. Any ideas how to get around this? Do I or can I re-install CS 3 just to work on these files? Any ideas...
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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3
          Please open a support case asap and provide some of the FLA's with the case so we can test.

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            C-Rock Level 2
            It appears I have fixed this. I have also called and notified support about the results of my findings.

            When using a font on your system that is corrupt Flash doesn't ignore it, like it did with CS3. It actually will make Flash act the way it did for me. What it was doing was, when any text box was clicked on or a movie clip with a font inside was pressed, Flash crashed. If you created new text you couldn't select anywhere on the stage and it leave the text properties info.

            After about 20 hours working on this and trying various types of installs I figured out it must be a font problem because it only happend with text boxes. Going down to just system fonts the problem did not exist.

            It was actually happening on a CS3 file I had created previously.

            After using just system fonts I was able to open the file and click on text fields. I slowly began adding fonts again and found the coulprit. It was a font from a client converted from a mac font to a pc font. My font manager software refferred to it as "Open Type TT". The extension of the file was .ttf. After deleting these two files everything worked fine.

            They files have been in this client folder and have been used for over a year. So CS3 would ignore them and not give you any problems where CS4 will crash.