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    Expandable Form


      I have a form that requires expandable boxes, I have followed number video's and instructions and the text seems to expand into the next box.


      Help is appreciated.





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          jims77078622 Level 1

          I've found that it is most helpful to start at the top of a form and work down, testing for correct functionality on expanding sub-elements before you add new elements lower down on the form page.


          My comments are based on you working within the "(untitled Subform) (page1)" or equivalent area portion of your form.  This is confirmed by displaying your Hierarchy panel while your form is open.


          I'll provide a simple example:  let's say you want to create a 1-page form divided into three equal parts down the page and you have just created a brand new form from scratch.  Your goal is to create:

               - a topmost third which contains fixed objects such as static text or header images not required to expand .

               - a middle third of the page which includes an expanding text box that should grow in height (y-dimension) based on the number of lines the user types. If the user wants to write a 3-page essay, the box will grow in the y dimension and push the contents of the lower third down.

               - a bottom third which contains more fixed elements such as a conclusion blurb and signature line (all non-expanding objects).



          1a)  Ensure that the "(untitled Subform) (page1) Object>Subform panel property for Content is set to "Flowed".  This master setting allows any subforms under this main subform to expand as necessary.

          1) Top third of the form:  place all fixed objects in the top third of the form, select all objects, right-click and wrap them in a subform.  The object panel>Subform property will should show Content as "Positioned" by default.  You will now have a new "(untitled Subform)" that wraps all the elements you have enclosed: their locations on the page will be fixed.

          2) Middle third of the form: Drop a large textfield object into the middle part of the page and select "Allow multiple lines" in its Object>Field settings. In the Textfield "Layout" panel, select "Expand to fit" under the Height setting. Now select the your Textfield1 object, right click, and wrap in a new subform.  In the Object>Subform panel for this 2nd (untitled Subform), the Content setting should be changed to "Flowed" so that it can expand as necessary to accommodate user input.

          3) Lower third of the page:  drop in the remaining objects you want, wrap them in a subform, and set the Object>subform>properties of this subform to "Positioned".


          You will now have a fully adaptive form that grows as necessary:  the main untitled subform (page 1) - flowed, and three untitled subforms, the first one positioned, the 2nd flowed, and the 3rd positioned.


          Much more complex nesting of flowed subforms within positioned subforms are possible, but this simple example may be helpful for you.  Note that the Master Pages tab can be used to establish where page breaks occur on each page, as it can be used to defined content areas.



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            zahidr14359910 Level 1




            Many thanks for getting back to me, I have attached the  PDF version of the form that I am working on. I am new to Adobe LiveCycle and I tried to make the three fields in the form expandable these are as follows: Description of Complaint, corrective action taken and validation of corrective action and additional comments.


            I am using Adobe LiveCycle ES2 trial version to do this and been head scratching for the past two days.







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              jims77078622 Level 1

              Hi Zahid,

              You may wish to go to Adobe - LiveCycle Developer Center | Adobe Developer Connection (adobe.com/devnet/livecycle.html).   In the lower right section of the page under Downloads and Updates, you will find a download for AEM Forms Designer and its serial number.  This version supercedes Livecycle Designer ES4 SP1 and introduces stability and performance improvements not found in previous versions of Livecycle Designer.   Also, it is the full version of Livecycle, not a trial.  I've used it for the past 6 months without any issues.


              The training materials on the web for Livecycle designer (i.e., Youtube from contributors such as True Tech Troubleshooting and others) are generally very good and may be helpful.



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                zahidr14359910 Level 1

                Hi Jim,


                Thanks I will download today, your help is appreciated.






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