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    Stock for Teams - can anyone help?


      Hi, as I'm not getting very far with Adobe support I thought I would ask the community if anyone understands how this works


      I am the account holder for my Team and, when I log into Adobe Stock, my profile switches automatically to the Team profile. If I choose I can switch back and forth from the Team profile to my own profile in the menu at the top right. Under the Team profile I licensed some stock images, which I presumed would then be available to members of my team to use.


      The Team, of course, is simply a group of members with individual Adobe IDs to whom I have allocated licenses (including myself). When I am using CC apps, I am using my Adobe ID to which there is a license assigned - making me a member of the Team. So far so good, except I cannot see the stock licensed to the Team at all.


      Following advice gleaned in this forum, I went to assets.adobe.com to share these assets. When I reach assets.adobe.com my profile is ME, i.e. my individual Adobe ID, and there is no way to swtich from my own ID to the Team profile. Of course, in my individual profile the assets are not there.


      So, my question is this, how do individual members of a Team access stock photos licensed by that Team account? The response I received from Adobe support, after a 20 minute chat session and a follow up email was this:


      "I would like to inform you that the stock images are provisioned under the team accounts not on the personal email address".


      That just doesn't make any sense, as each Team member has a separate Adobe ID using a company email address.


      I'm sure this must have come up before, but if someone could give me some guidelines as to how I can resolve this I would be very grateful as I feel like I'm running round in circles!


      Thanks everyone



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          EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

          Hi Susan,


          First, thank you for letting us know about your view always defaulting to team. I've reported this to the Adobe Stock Engineering team.


          While in team view you and your team members can select license history under your avatar and all assets licensed by your team will appear there. If your team members click the link for an asset in license history they can then choose to save the item to their library, open the file in a one of the Creative Cloud apps or download the file to their desktop.


          Please let me know if you have any additional questions.




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            sjm_tr Level 1

            Hi and thank you for responding.


            I have done exactly as you say, but the images do not appear in the libraries in my apps. I have tried saving to existing libraries that I can definitely see via my apps and I have also tried creating new libraries. None of these work.


            Also, I tried creating a new library within the app but this does not show up in the list of libraries from the team view in adobe stock (although my other libraries do) is there a delay before they show up? i.e. is there a delay in the images appearing in existing libraries or a delay in new libraries showing up in the list?


            Another option, to open the image in a particular app, also does not work. The only option that works for me to get a hold of these licensed images to work with is to download them to my computer - which makes rather a mockery of the creative cloud process, as it is no easier or quicker for me to access images via Adobe Stock than to use any other stock resource.


            Using Creative Cloud has been one frustration after another for our team, when we were hoping it would solve problems in collaborating it seems to create just as many!

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              EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

              Hi Susan,


              Please confirm that you have Creative Cloud Desktop app installed and that you are signed in to this app with the Adobe ID you use to sign into the Adobe Stock site Also confirm that when you launch your Creative Cloud applications that you are signed in with this same Adobe ID. If you are signed in and are still seeing this behavior please PM me.