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    Creating curves in after effects


      HI creatives. I have been tasked to create something similar to the attached pic. I have tried everything i can with the knowledge i have but no luck. Could any of you have the right direction i am looking for? The client wants these to undulate from a common button and branch out to other buttons. I am tearing my hair out here.





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          foughtthelaw Adobe Community Professional

          here's a couple options.

          1. draw the paths exactly as you want them in illustrator and then convert to shape layers in AE by right clicking on an AI layer in AE and selecting Create Shapes from Vector Layer.
          2. draw a path with the pen tool to create a shape layer. Use a Repeater and Wiggle Path on that shape layer to get the look and movement you're after.
          3. There are 3rd party plugins that may help too such as Nodes or Plexus
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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would create that type of 2D artwork in Illustrator. There are many more design tools available there and properly layered you can easily create amazing animations directly from AI files.


            foughtthelaw suggested converting the AI layers to shape layers. That is only a smart choice if you intend to use shape animators on the layer. Converting an AI layer to a shape looses many of the stroke and fill options, blends, and a host of other design features not available to shape layers. The only advantage in converting to a shape layer is the use of things like Trim Paths, Repeaters and the other shape layer tools. Depending on your design it may be necessary but in my experience 99% of my Illustrator art remains unchanged. Only on rare occasion is it necessary to convert a AI vector path to a shape layer.


            If you need the illustration as 3D artwork then it may require additional planning but it is still fairly easy to do in AE with illustrator art, you just have to be careful how you handle the 3D layers and where you place the camera so the illusion is not spoiled.

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              stanleys62344138 Level 1

              Hi Guys.

              Thanks for the tips. I tried this before but could not get them to all floats in 3d space and also have control over each single point. Am i missing something?

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Each layer you convert 3D will become a plane that you can arrange in 3D space. If you convert an vector layer to a shape layer you will get editable vertices  but they will all be in the same plane (X, Y). There is no Z value for a vertex (point on a path).


                To edit the paths just select the pen tool (g) and then use the Alt/Option and Ctrl/Cmnd keys as modifiers to select and edit the points on the path. Maybe this video will help a bit:


                I apparently misunderstood what you were trying to do.There is nothing in the example illustration that can't be recreated on a standard 2D layer. What exactly are you trying to accomplish.