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    A/B test experience does not work




      I have a test experience that seems to not work on most computers / browsers consistently.  It looks like the client is using react on their page which might be the issue but I need to find a way to know for sure what's causing this.


      control: Maintenance Parts | Home Maintenance Kits | John Deere US


      test: https://www.deere.com/en_US/parts/parts_by_industry/residential/home_maintenance_kits/home _maintenance_kits.page?at_experience=5JMD5iSwdolsDj%2B6UUz7LUe25zxZPh6RoNuxd1ly0UQyQPcApEA MdLZcyTFw%2FKiiW5RHdLBKMf%2B0LjaqFTCcqncrrQaq%2BAMtBE%2F5tP%2BIpHQ%3D


      Here are the errors from the console:



      Thanks for your help