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    Could you please add basic support for iOS Safari or Chrome?

    ryans72649031 Level 1

      Hello! If this wasn't on your roadmap, I'd like to recommend it. I understand that Adobe Target is a work-in-progress and it doesn't have support across all kinds of devices. That makes sense. I wouldn't expect to be able to create or edit tests on a mobile phone. But at a very minimum, could you please update the new Adobe Target (Premium) to at a minimum load the interface on an iPhone and allow a test to be paused/deactivated? Today, as far as I can tell, I'm totally unable to access Target on my iPhone. In a worst-case-scenario, when I'm away from a computer and a campaign needs to be pulled down immediately, I really do need a kind of kill switch. Maybe you all are working on iOS/Safari support? If not, could you please consider it?


      Thank you!