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    Confused about illustration similars rejection


      I've had two odd illustration rejections so far that I don't understand. If anyone can help shed light for me that would be great.


      Firstly, I uploaded some background illustrations of nebulae and stars. Each one is different, i.e. they are not just re-coloured versions of the same image, they are newly generated images each time. I had 3 accepted, and the fourth rejected because of being a similar. I'm confused at this because when I look at other contributors streams they may have many illustrations that are all different but also very similar.


      Then with another batch of illustrations, I uploaded the same illustration with 3 different colour schemes, which I understood to be the limit for illustrations. This morning I find one has been accepted and the other two (which are very different colours btw) were rejected for being similars.


      So how is it that one contributor can have 10 illustrations of a hot air balloon in different colours, but I can't get 3 abstract backgrounds accepted, or more than 3 different nebulae illustrations?


      Any help/clarification appreciated, thanks!

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          While images like star clusters can be literally different, there isn't any added value to a potential customer. It is a serious pain point reported by customers to be forced to sort through multiple images very similar in content so we are pretty sensitive about it.


          As far as the color variations are concerned, we will accept a maximum of 3 variations but that doesn't mean we will always accept 3. Again, there needs to be an added value to the customer. If it's a simple design in which the colors can be easily changed by the buyer we will usually only take one.


          It's important to note that sending too many variations of similar or identical content can be perceived as spam and may result in your account being blocked if it's deemed excessive. It is very important that contributors are selective with the content they submit.


          Kind regards,


          Mat Hayward

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            deecresswell Level 1

            Thanks Mat,


            I had refrained from uploading anything similar until I received an answer on this. I definitely don't want to be labelled a spammer. Appreciate the explanation.