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    Adobe Presenter Project Title Not Wrapping


      I'm using presenter 11, and have a long project title, "PROMOS PRIME - Customizable Item Order Instructions"


      When published, the first couple slides the title wraps properly, staying confined within the sidebar, like so,

      PROMOS PRIME - Customizable

      Item Order Instructions


      But randomly, on some slides the project stops wrapping properly, and the title extents outside the sidebar, and into the background. After the "e" item, it hangs off the sidebar. While "Instructions" stays on the second line.

      PROMOS PRIME - Customizable Ite | m Order



      Since the Project title is set once to be displayed globally, I don't why the formatting would change from slide to slide. I've tried clearing my cache on my we browser, and republishing but doesn't seem to help.


      Has anyone else run into this? Have any suggestions?



      - Chris