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    Splitting Double Page Scanned Books Into Single Page Scans

    Sockratease Level 1

      I have a question about my ongoing project involving posting old pdf files on a client's website.


      We're making flip books out of pdf files.


      A certain sub-set of our library was scanned as open books with 2 pages visible per page of the pdf.  When displayed side-by-side, as a flip book displays all pdf files, it is a row of 4 pages instead of two.


      Can Adobe Acrobat X Pro somehow recognize what is going on and create a new pdf with only 1 page of the book per page of the pdf file?


      I hope that is clearly stated!


      I know this trick can be done since we have Abby Fine Reader at my day job and it can do it. It took my 400 page pdf with 2 pages of the book on each page of the pdf, and made an 800 page pdf with single pages per page.  But I want to work on this at home so I don't waste company time on personal projects.  I would think this is a common enough task that it's possible, but as with most of the stuff I can't figure out, it probably needs a newer version of Acrobat - if it is possible at all 


      Thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone may have!