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    Is this worthy


      I have had about 80 of my images accepted and I am still trying to understand the reasons behind when things are declined.  Any thoughts on this image?  IT was declined.  I'm a sap and have always loved this shot.  DO people agree that it isn't very interesting?  seattle summer 2011 129_edited-1.JPG

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I love the color and the lighting. It's just beautiful!

          However, taking away from both the artistic appeal and the usability of the image as a stock piece are the out of focus plant parts in the foreground. I mean, it looks kind of neat, but it really cuts down on what you could use the image for. They really ruin the picture for any use beyond just looking at it. It's too distracting and makes it so you can't lay text on top of it.


          So, basically, if it weren't for those very blurry foreground elements, I'd bet this would have been accepted.

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            micheleb70383795 Level 1

            interesting.  ok, thanks