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    Files show up in DC on Web, not in iPad

    SmokyT Level 1



      My PDFs are listed in DC on the Web, but I don't see them in Acrobat on my iPad (iOS 10.3.2): When I tap Document Cloud, it just says "No documents to display." This doesn't always happen, but I was having this problem intermittently yesterday, too. The software seems to know who I am, and DC shows up as subscribed.


      What might I be doing wrong?



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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi SmokyT,


          As you said that you can see the files on Document Cloud storage on web, then you should be able to see them in mobile app as well.

          If not, then you may cross check are you "Signed In" using the same email address on web as well as on mobile app?

          If yes, and you still can't load the document on mobile device then check if there is any pending update of the application.

          Go to App Store>Acrobat Reader> Check if any update is there.


          Let us know if it still doesn't work.